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Why You Should Consider A Magento Website

Magento is a content management system designed for eCommerce websites. Since its launch in 2008 it has gained significant popularity due to the huge range of features it offers its users. Magento is an open source CMS that is powerful enough to cater for any business need. It has a strong out of the box feature set complemented with thousands of extensions to customise your website or application. Scalability is a key feature of Magento powered shopping websites, they are written in PHP and can cater for new enhancements seamlessly. At Nexon Media our web design and development team are highly skilled in a wide range of programming and coding languages. If you are looking to hire a Magento developer for your online store, or even if you have a custom web development project and are searching for a seasoned Magento developer, it is time you got in touch with us.

Flexible Content Management

Whether you are looking to sell 5 or 5 million products online, the flexibility of Magento as an eCommerce solution is undeniable compared with many other platforms.

Open Source

Magento is not only an open source platform but is also available free of charge. Avoiding ongoing licensing is key to minimising the cost of website development, and the open source nature of Magento means it is easily customised to suit your business.

Loads of extensions

Every business has its own unique online requirements. Magento caters for these easily with thousands of off the shelf extensions that are configurable and easily integrated into your website.

website development agency in usa

Why Choose our Magento Development Services

Differentiate your online store from your competition with a modern, professional website that is fully optimised for efficiency and durability. For over a years Nexon Media’s talented web team have been delivering custom web design and development to clients throughout the Globe. Our highly efficient and effective team of developers are experts in the delivery of Magento powered web projects. If you need a Magento developer in any Country, or simply the best Magento developer available for your custom build, then look no further!

Our Work Process

website development agency in usa

Requirement Gathering

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UI/UX Design

website development company in usa

Magento Development

website development agency in usa

Quality Assurance

website development company in usa


website designing company in usa

Support & Maintenance

Crafting Your Website

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